Artificial Intelligence

Will Artificial Intelligence Cause Human Extinction?

Will your grandchildren face extinction? Even worse, will they become robotic slaves to a supercomputer? Humanity is facing its greatest challenge, artificial intelligence (AI). Recent experiments suggest even primitive artificially intelligent machines are capable of learning deceit, greed, and self-preservation, …

Why Are Most Artificial Intelligence Applications Female?

Have you noticed that artificial intelligence applications you interact with, such as Google Now, Siri, and Cortana, are female? That’s not a coincidence. There are several reasons: Karl Fredric MacDorman, a computer scientist and expert in human-computer interaction at Indiana University-Purdue …

Are You Destined to Become a Cyborg?

The most basic definition of a cyborg is a being with both organic and cybernetic (artificial) parts. Taking this definition too literally, however, would suggest that almost every human in a civilized society is a cyborg. For example, if you …

The Robot Wars Are Coming

When I say “the robot wars are coming,” I am referring to the increase in the US Department of Deference’s use of robotic systems and artificial intelligence in warfare. Recently, September 12, 2014, the US Department of Defense released a report, DTP …

Will Artificial Intelligence Result in the Merger of Man and Machine?

Will humankind’s evolution merge with strong artificially intelligent machines (SAMs)? While no one really knows the answer to this question, many who are engaged in the development of artificial intelligence assert the merger will occur. Let’s understand what this means and …

By 2030 Your Best Friend May Be a Computer

AI has changed the cultural landscape. Yet the change has been so gradual that we hardly have noticed the major impact it has. Some experts, including myself, predict that in about fifteen years, the average desktop computer will have a …

Will Future Artificially Intelligent Machines Seek to Dominate Humanity?

Current forecasts suggest artificially intelligent machines will equal human intelligence in the 2025 – 2029 time frame, and greatly exceed human intelligence in the 2040-2045 time frame. When artificially intelligent machines meet or exceed human intelligence, how will they view humanity? Personally, I am …

Will Science Make Us Immortal?

Several futurists, including myself, have predicted that by 2099 most humans will have strong-artificially intelligent brain implants and artificially intelligent organ/body part replacements. In my book, The Artificial Intelligence Revolution, I term these beings SAH (i.e., strong artificially intelligent human) cyborgs. …

Louis Del Monte Interview on the Dan Cofall Show 11-18-2014

I was interviewed on the Dan Cofall show regarding my new book, The Artificial Intelligence Revolution. In particular, we discussed the singularity, killer robots (like the autonomous swamboats the US Navy is deploying) and the projected 30% chronic unemployment that will occur …

Will Time Have Meaning in the Post Singularity World? Part 2 and 3 (Conclusion)

In our last post (part 1) we discussed the scientific nature of time. In reality, there is no widely agreed on scientific definition of time. We humans typically measure time with regard to change. For example, one day is the …

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