Why Are Most Artificial Intelligence Applications Female?

Have you noticed that artificial intelligence applications you interact with, such as Google Now, Siri, and Cortana, are female? That’s not a coincidence. There are several reasons: Karl Fredric MacDorman, a computer scientist and expert in human-computer interaction at Indiana University-Purdue …

Why is there more matter than antimatter?

According to the Big Bang theory, their should be equal parts of matter and antimatter in our Universe. Conventional wisdom states that they should have annihilated each other, resulting in radiation. If that were true, we should have a Universe filled with only …

The Top Five Unsolved Mysteries of Science

There are numerous unsolved mysteries in science. In this post, I will delineate the top five that I consider the most profound. What caused the Big Bang? Cosmologist are in strong consensus that the Big Bang resulted in the evolution …

Reverse Causality – The Future Can Change the Past

Most people find reverse causality intriguing, but impossible. Yet, it has a strong basis in science. In my book, How to Time Travel, I discuss a number of reverse causality examples. Here are some from the book. Twisting the Arrow of …

A Vacuum is Filled with Energy

Most people think that a vacuum is empty, but it is not. It is filled with energy. This may be hard to believe, but it is a scientific fact. According to Paul Dirac, a British physicist and Nobel Prize Laureate, …

Why is Earth’s Moon Leaving Us?

Most people don’t know this scientific fact, but the Earth’s Moon is slowing moving further from the Earth. Each year its orbit around the earth experiences a mean recession rate of 2.16 cm/year (less than an inch, since approximately 2.5 cm …

Five Facts about Time

Here are some interesting facts to ponder about of time: There is no widely accepted scientific definition of time as a stand alone entity. The reason for this is that according the Einstein’s theory of relativity, time and space are …

5 Animals That Are Immortal

There are some animal species that, for unknown reason, are immortal. Unless an external force does them in, they could theoretically live forever. Here is the list: 1. The sea anemone is an immortal animal. Although it looks more like a brainless plant, it is …

Are You Destined to Become a Cyborg?

The most basic definition of a cyborg is a being with both organic and cybernetic (artificial) parts. Taking this definition too literally, however, would suggest that almost every human in a civilized society is a cyborg. For example, if you …

Is There Life on Another Earth-Like Planet?

Let’s start our discussion by asking a simple question. Is there another Earth-like planet? The answer is yes, and it is relatively close, by galactic standards. In my book, Unraveling the Universes Mysteries (2012), I mentioned the first Earth-like planet discovered, …

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