Time Travel

Stephen Hawking’s Chronology Protection Conjecture’s Impact On Time Travel Science

Most of the scientific community agrees that time travel is theoretically possible, based on Einstein’s special and general theories of relativity. However, world-famous cosmologist and physicist Stephen Hawking published a 1992 paper, “Chronology Protection Conjecture,” in which he stated the …

Will Time Have Meaning in the Post Singularity World? Part 1/3

Will time have meaning in the post singularity world? Let’s start by understanding terms. The first term we will work at understanding is “time.” Almost everyone agrees that time is a measure of change, for example, the ticking of a clock as …

Tipler cylinder time travel – Is It Possible?

The Tipler cylinder is a cylinder of dense matter and infinite length. Historically, Dutch mathematician Willem Jacob van Stockum (1910–1944) found Tipler cylinder solutions to Einstein’s equations of general relativity in 1924. Hungarian mathematician/physicist Cornel Lanczos (1893–1974) found similar Tipler …

The Classic Double Slit Experiment Is a 100 Year Old Time Travel Paradox that Continues to Baffles Modern Science

First, let’s define a time travel paradox. It is an occurrence that apparently violates some aspect of causality typically associated with time travel. Many science students are introduced to the oddities of the double slit experiment in an advanced high school science …

Are UFOs Time Travelers from the Future?

Internet searches for the keyword acronym “UFO” (unidentified flying object) are among the most popular on the Internet. According to Google, there are five million global searches per month for the keyword acronym “UFO” (without the quotes). Let us start …

Twisting the Arrow of Time

The flow of time, sometimes referred to as the “arrow of time,” is a source of debate, especially among physicists. Most physicists argue that time can only move in one direction based on “causality” (i.e., the relationship between cause and …

Using Wormholes as a Time Machine

Scientists have proposed using “wormholes” as a time machine. A wormhole is a theoretical entity in which space-time curvature connects two distant locations (or times). Although we do not have any concrete evidence that wormholes exist, we can infer their …

How Negative Energy and Time Travel to the Past Are Connected

Today’s science knows precious little about negative energy. The best example we have of creating negative energy in the laboratory is the Casimir effect, which we briefly discussed previously, but will now discuss in detail. Let us start by discussing …

The Greatest Engineering Challenge to Time Travel

Without doubt, harnessing sufficient energy is  the largest obstacle to time travel. For example, time dilation (i.e., forward time travel) is only noticeable when mass approaches a significant fraction of the speed of light or sits in a strong gravitational …

Are There Any Real Time Machines? Part 2/2 (Conclusion)

Are there any real time machines? In my opinion, we are in about the same place space travel was at the beginning of the twentieth century. At the beginning of the twentieth century, all we knew about space travel came …

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