Time Travel

The Top Five Unsolved Mysteries of Science

There are numerous unsolved mysteries in science. In this post, I will delineate the top five that I consider the most profound. What caused the Big Bang? Cosmologist are in strong consensus that the Big Bang resulted in the evolution …

Reverse Causality – The Future Can Change the Past

Most people find reverse causality intriguing, but impossible. Yet, it has a strong basis in science. In my book, How to Time Travel, I discuss a number of reverse causality examples. Here are some from the book. Twisting the Arrow of …

Is Time Travel Possible?

Few topics in science capture the imagination like time travel. Science fiction, like H. G. Wells’ classic novel, The Time Machine, published in 1895, and science fact, like time dilation, continues to fuel interest in time travel. Let us start …

Is Time Travel to the Future Possible?

Since the future doesn’t exist, how would it be possible to travel into the future? This question has been debated by both philosophers and scientists. However, time travel to the future is the only experimental evidence we have of time travel. …

Is Time Travel to the Past Possible?

For time travel to the past to be possible would require that the past have a physical reality, namely that it continue to exist. If it did not continue to exist, it would suggest time travel to the past is …

Is There Any Scientific Evidence UFO’s Are Real?

Internet searches for the keyword acronym “UFO” (unidentified flying object) are among the most popular on the Internet. According to Google, there are five million global searches per month for the keyword acronym “UFO”(without the quotes). Let us start with …

Can Time Travel Be Used as a Weapon?

Time travel will be the ultimate weapon. With it, any nation can write its own history, assure its dominance, and rule the world. However, having the ultimate weapon also carries the ultimate responsibility. How it is used will determine the …

Is Time Real Or Just a Construct of Our Mind?

Philosophers have debated the nature of time for over 2500 years, and have left us with three principal theories, listed below in no particular order: 1) Presentists Theory of Time—The “presentists” philosophers argue that present objects and experiences are real. …

Stephen Hawking’s Chronology Protection Conjecture’s Impact On Time Travel Science

Most of the scientific community agrees that time travel is theoretically possible, based on Einstein’s special and general theories of relativity. However, world-famous cosmologist and physicist Stephen Hawking published a 1992 paper, “Chronology Protection Conjecture,” in which he stated the …

Will Time Have Meaning in the Post Singularity World? Part 1/3

Will time have meaning in the post singularity world? Let’s start by understanding terms. The first term we will work at understanding is “time.” Almost everyone agrees that time is a measure of change, for example, the ticking of a clock as …

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