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Is Time Travel Possible?

Few topics in science capture the imagination like time travel. Science fiction, like H. G. Wells’ classic novel, The Time Machine, published in 1895, and science fact, like time dilation, continues to fuel interest in time travel. Let us start …

What Is Dark Energy?

Is dark energy real or simply a ghost story? Unfortunately, the phenomena we call dark energy is both real and scary. If it plays out on its current course, we are going to be alone, all alone. The billions upon …

A New Theory of Dark Matter

In my last post, “What Is Dark Matter,” I mentioned that most of the scientific community accepts the experimental evidence confirming the existence of dark matter. Rightly so, since the experimental evidence of its existence is incontrovertible. Here are the salient facts …

What Is Dark Matter?

Dark matter is real, mysterious, and necessary for our existence. Without it, we would not have a universe. It is a good thing with an ominous-sounding name. So, what is dark matter? The most popular theory of dark matter is …

Are We Alone In the Universe?

Even before we had the Hubble telescope and NASA’s Kepler spacecraft, both of which are used, in part, to discover new planets, there was a strong belief among scientists and science fiction authors that there must be other Earth-like planets in the …

Is the Universe Finite or Infinite?

The universe we can see and measure is about 13.8 billion years old. However, the universe is larger than 13.8 billion light years in diameter due to the expansion and subsequent inflation of space, in accordance with the Big Bang theory. In …

Is There Any Scientific Evidence UFO’s Are Real?

Internet searches for the keyword acronym “UFO” (unidentified flying object) are among the most popular on the Internet. According to Google, there are five million global searches per month for the keyword acronym “UFO”(without the quotes). Let us start with …

Why Most of the Universe Is Missing?

In 1933, Fritz Zwicky (California Institute of Technology) made a crucial observation. He discovered the orbital velocities of galaxies were not following Newton’s law of gravitation (every mass in the universe attracts every other mass with a force inversely proportional …

Why Is There Almost No Antimatter In the Universe?

One of the great mysteries of our universe, and a weakness of the Big Bang theory, is that matter, not antimatter, totally makes up our universe. According to the Big Bang theory, there should be equal amounts of matter and …

Is Time Real Or Just a Construct of Our Mind?

Philosophers have debated the nature of time for over 2500 years, and have left us with three principal theories, listed below in no particular order: 1) Presentists Theory of Time—The “presentists” philosophers argue that present objects and experiences are real. …

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