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Is All Energy Quantized? – Do We Live In A Quantum Universe? – Part 3/3

Lastly, one element of reality remains to complete our argument that all reality consists of quantized energy—energy itself. Is all energy reducible to quantums? All data suggests that energy in any form consists of quantums. We already discussed that mass, …

Are Space and Time Quantized? – Do We Live In A Quantum Universe? – Part 2/3

Next, let us consider space. Is space quantized? In previous posts, we discussed the theory that a vacuum, empty space, is like a witch’s cauldron bubbling with virtual particles. This theory dates back to Paul Dirac who, in 1930, postulated …

Do We Live In A Quantum Universe? – Part 1/3

The notion that all reality (mass, space, time, and energy) consists of discrete energy quantums is counterintuitive. For example, an electric current consists of individual electrons flowing in a wire. However, you do not notice your television flickering as the …

The Mysterious Nature of Energy

We scientists talk about energy, and derive equations with energy mathematically expressed in the equation as though we understand energy. The fact is: we do not. It is an indirectly observed quantity. We infer its existence. For example, in physics, …

Do We Need M-Theory? Maybe!

Most high school science classes teach the classical view of the atom, incorporating subatomic particles like protons, electrons, and neutrons. This is the particle theory of the atom dating to the early Twentieth Century. In about the 1960s, scientists discovered …

Searching for Potential Alien Artifacts to Establish Proof of their Existence

Similar to the way archaeologists uncover lost civilizations on Earth by analyzing the artifacts left behind, various researchers believe the past presence of advanced aliens could be detected in a similar manner. This is a reasonable approach. It has historically …

Using Wormholes as a Time Machine

Scientists have proposed using “wormholes” as a time machine. A wormhole is a theoretical entity in which space-time curvature connects two distant locations (or times). Although we do not have any concrete evidence that wormholes exist, we can infer their …

Searching for Radio Emissions from Advanced Aliens

Since our discovery of the radio in 1895, we have been beaming radio transmissions into space. Most scientists believe the invention of the radio and radio telescopes would be a natural technological evolution by any intelligent life. Therefore, it would …

Are There Any Real Time Machines? Part 2/2 (Conclusion)

Are there any real time machines? In my opinion, we are in about the same place space travel was at the beginning of the twentieth century. At the beginning of the twentieth century, all we knew about space travel came …

Are There Any Real Time Machines? Part 1/2

There are no existing time machines capable of sending humans forward or backward in time. The closest we have come to time travel is using particle accelerators to cause subatomic particles to experience time dilation (i.e., forward time travel). There …

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