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Can Science Replace Religion?

Stephen Hawking, the world’s most famous scientist, made a startling statement on September 2, 2010, one week prior to the release of his new book, The Grand Design. He declared the “Almighty” irrelevant. Dr. Hawking believes that M-theory may hold …

Science Versus Truth

Many people, even some scientists, believe science equates with truth, especially with regard to the behavior of nature. Let’s examine whether this hypothesis is correct. Modern physics is based on Einstein’s special and general theories of relativity and quantum mechanics. …

What We Don’t Know About Energy!

We scientists talk about energy and derive equations with energy mathematically expressed in the equation as though we understand energy. The fact is, we do not. It is an indirectly observed quantity. We infer its existence. For example, in physics, …

Are There Other Universes?

With the advent of M-theory (i.e., membrane theory, the most comprehensive string theory), the concept of other universes (i.e., multiverse) has gained some traction in the scientific community. According to M-theory, when two membranes collide, they form a universe. The collision is …

The Nature of Reality

This article addresses a deceptively simple question, what is reality? Our first response is to simply say look around you. Everything you see is part of reality. What’s wrong with that as an answer? Actually nothing is wrong with that answer …

Philosophy on the Nature of Time – Part 2/2 (Conclusion)

In the conclusion of this post, we will discuss Planck time and a new hypothesis, the time uncertainty principle. Planck Time Planck time is the smallest interval of time that science is able to define. The theoretical formulation of Planck time …

Implications of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

Let us start our discussion by understanding the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Most physics professors teach it in the context of attempting to simultaneously measure a particle’s velocity and position. It goes something like this: • When we attempt to measure a particle’s …

Philosophical Thoughts About Science and Truth

Theoretical physics, often refereed to as the purist form of science, rests on two incompatible theories: 1. Einstein’s theory of special and general relativity 2. Quantum mechanics Both theories work well in their limited range of application, relativity at the …

Will Time Have Meaning in the Post Singularity World? Part 2 and 3 (Conclusion)

In our last post (part 1) we discussed the scientific nature of time. In reality, there is no widely agreed on scientific definition of time. We humans typically measure time with regard to change. For example, one day is the …

Will Time Have Meaning in the Post Singularity World? Part 1/3

Will time have meaning in the post singularity world? Let’s start by understanding terms. The first term we will work at understanding is “time.” Almost everyone agrees that time is a measure of change, for example, the ticking of a clock as …

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